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Get on Top & Stay on Top of Google!

When seeking new sales, it is always best to see the world from the customer’s shoes…

Where is the first place potential customers go when they looking for something? Do they go to the phone book? Do they ask a spiritual guide? Or, are they like everyone else who uses Google?

Odds are, your customers are also using Google to find you. Are you being found? 360 AMPLIFY takes the guesswork out and puts your business in front of its customers with tried and true strategies to get your website on top of the search engines.

Here is how it is done:

  • Keyword Research. It all starts with a thorough analysis of the search keywords/phrases potential customers will search in Google. These keywords are then ranked by how many monthly searches each phrase gets vs. the likelihood of a keyword search to convert into a paying customer. It is always important to qualify the prospective customer.
  • Site Optimization. Armed with the knowledge of which keywords will be most beneficial and most attainable to growing traffic, content modifications are made and website structure is adapted in a manner that will help increase search engine rankings on valuable, targeted searches.
  • Traffic Blasting. While increasing a site’s ranking, the team of experts at 360 AMPLIFY will simultaneously link-up targeted new media outlets that will result in generating more traffic, better ranking, and higher conversions. Such blasting of new media can include viral video to sites like YouTube, Podcasts, and Blogs.

Turn-Key. Imagine being able to push a button and generate a flood of paying customers without having to hire new employees, without the hassle of buying expensive ads, and without the costs associated with traditional advertising? 360 AMPLIFY takes tremendous pride in making that dream a reality!

Sales Conversions

Many businesses find their websites falling short of producing the results they had hoped for. After all, a good business website should be growing sales, adding customers, and converting prospects into paying customers. When business owners come to 360amplify, their concerns are quickly put to rest.

Many businesses find themselves shelling out many hours and many dollars to have a website built. As beautiful as their electronic creation is, it sometimes feels like a big beautiful billboard in the middle of the desert. Some even find that they get plenty of traffic, but converting traffic into sales can feel like a painful task. It is so easy to convert “tire kickers” into paying customers when the correct strategy is used. This is as easy as implementing 360amplify’Automated Direct Response System.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enticement. This is where an incentive is created for a business’ prospects to opt-in to an email list. Such an enticement can be a coupon, an informative report, etc.
  • List Building. Once a successful enticement has been put in place to encourage customers to opt-in to a contact list, the list building process begins. Once the list starts to grow, so will sales. It really is that simple.
  • Content Creation. Once a business has a current and prospective customers signing up for its list, now is time to make this generate revenue – like a 24/7 salesperson who never takes a break and never sleeps.
  • Watch Conversions. The beauty of this system is that it is fully-automated and managed. This system helps convert “tire-kickers” into paying customers. It also increases the frequency of purchases of existing customers. Think of it as an automatic customer loyalty program.

Recent studies from the IMA show that companies implementing such simple programs realize, on average, a $50 Return on Investment for every dollar invested in Conversion Management. When used in conjunction with a Search Engine Marketing Program, a business will realize extraordinary results!

Social Media Strategy

There are so many social media venues out there that it can be overwhelming to determine a commercial strategy. Let 360amplify take the guesswork out of the equation. No two businesses are made the same, nor should a carefully implemented strategy to target qualified customers. The expert team at 360amplify will analyze a business’ current marketing strategies and will compare those to appropriate web 2.o platforms.

Taking advantage of a growing interactive community, 360amplify will create and implement a strategy that makes sense. Some of the strategies include targeting customers on some of the biggest and busiest social media networks:

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Yelp
  • The List Goes On…

Let 360amplify help your business get found on the “social map.”